Tuesday, October 4, 2016


There has got to be something good in this old Irish blessing that will bring a smile to anyone's face.
Perhaps even a good feeling in one's soul to know and read it.

Ireland is a beautiful place of rest and relaxing for those who seek it. I for one enjoy a good rest and relaxing, a time out if you will for self contemplating on what is important to bring one's mind around to the thoughts and  reflections needed from this busy life we live every day.

Could you imagine never taking time out to reflect back and be thankful for what has been given to you. It would not bring much relief. How sad.

It is said that life is not greener on the other side... but I believe it can be in a sense of belief.

Life is given to us freely to use as we see fit, to live and to love. We can choose to live life on our terms and belief. Freedom is and will always be a choice for us no matter who says it is not.

Ireland has a beautiful song that is one of my favorites called Danny Boy. When really listening to the words of this song comes a meaning of  Love.

Another Version of Danny Boy by a young man  Daniel O'Donnell

I hope you enjoy these beautiful performances as much as I did for a time out today.

Ireland means a lot to my heart because of a dear friend of mine whom is from Ireland born and raised there by his parents up until the age to leave and live his life. I truly enjoyed knowing my friend from Ireland he had such love for his country and this song Danny Boy.

Ireland is rich in green grace as well as tradition.. many an old timer there will tell you a good old story of Ireland and even a joke or two. My friend told many a good joke... I can hear the laughter he left his captured audience by a good old joke.

Who would not want to go to Ireland and see the beauty to behold.  There is yet one place to be explored and to cherish a life time of memories of happy times, old charms, old jokes and stories to be heard, peace and relaxation. Perhaps an Old Irish Blessing will begin the journey.

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  1. Great post as I am from Ireland! Lovely music and song....one of my favorites. Green, green grasses of home is what I miss.