Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Exchange of Flowers!

I made a new friend. I was happy to do so.

Here is my true story.

Yesterday we were driving in our neighborhood going to the local drug store.

I have noticed this neighbor’s beautiful flowers out in front of her house for several spring seasons.

I notice she was outside so I ask hubby to slow down and let me ask her what the name of those flowers were. My husband pulled up beside her curb and I ask her.

She called a name I was not familiar with and I told her they were just beautiful. She explained to me that they smelled beautiful too and they multiply in a year with just a few. I could smell them from our car window.

She ask me if I would like a starting plant from them and I said yes I would. So she proceeded to get her shovel and I walked with her to the flower bed on the side. She dug up the clump of flowers and put them in her bucket and said, I do this all the time for people who want them.

We talked for about 20 minutes and I told her I would bring her a flower from my garden that my sister shared with me years ago. It is of the  cactus  family we think, that you don’t have to water very often. It blooms out beautiful clumps of purple flowers that last through the heat of Texas summers. She was very interested and accepted my free offer.

Making new friends in neighborhood is not a bad thing. It turns out she was from Germany decent and loved the USA.

Also you might find  this interesting to know, most neighborhoods have Neighborhood Watch club. That right, and it is very good for instance for the elderly in the neighborhoods because they are being watch to protect them from any unwanted suspicious person lurking about, robbers, gangs and such.

Our good neighbor across the street from us told us about this. It is free and you can even start one up in your own neighborhood. It is wise to know what is going on in one’s neighborhood to know if your safe or not. Drive by shootings are on the way out because of this Neighborhood watch.

I believe you will agree being involved in the neighborhood watch is most important to keep our neighborhoods safe for us and our children for years to come and for generations coming.

Making it a point of importance will be noticed by those you don’t want in your neighborhoods with the signs in the yard of the of the leader of this group will make an impact.

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