I thought I would let you see whom you are talking to, this was a day last winter sunny, but very cold even for Texas.

We in Texas can get a little snow, although it might last on the ground for one day or even 2 days.

It is a pretty sight to see fresh falling snow. The neighbors children come over in our front yard and build us a snow man most every year. It is really delightful to see them working so hard to get Mr snowman just right.

If you ever wish you could come to Texas there is a lot to see in our big old state, from the coast of Galveston, Corpus Christie, to the mountains of Big Ben National Park, Davis Mountains State Park, to plenty of lakes across Texas for boating and fishing on. Of course we Texans have had our record catch of large fish and there are always fish tournaments going on in Texas.

No matter what you do for entertainment at home we have plenty of entertainment to enjoy in Texas.

Texas does have golf courses  to keep the golfer entertained we have our own Famous Golfers that have done well for themselves.

A few pictures of Texas can show the beauty of our state.



  1. I know several guys that would love to have one of these.

  2. Yes! That would be an awesome gift to give to my husband and his brothers!

    1. Wouldn't they be Surprised! Julian with your Awesome choice for Gift Giving. This would be the Talk of every Conversation they had for Weeks.

  3. Thank you, your so Welcome Collette. I glad you like them.