About Me

My name is Linda W,
I am a writer,  I enjoy writing post, poems, fiction.  I also crochet and paint and draw pictures. I enjoy life to the fullest and believe I can do anything. I enjoy a good challenge and often add them to my collection.  I believe we are never to old to create a dream.

Here are some items I have crocheted recently.


                                                     Red scarf                            

                                                                        orange earrings with gold hangers.

                                           Crochet table top
                                           Earrings and bracelet
                                                     blue scarf
                                           Baby set!
                                                  purple scarf
                                         Newborn set
                                           red fuzzy scarf
                                                        earrings and bracelet

  I am a people person and have many friends online and off line.

I believe it is vital for us as Consciences People to always accept the fact we can make our world a better place in which we can live that enhances our lives  and others, that takes on a domino effect that passes down to generations to come.

Ever heard the saying," If it is to be it is up to me". That holds truth in every aspect of our lives.

Setting and wishing change to happen just is not the results we see happening.  We must wake up to the fact life is what we put into it, not what we will get out of it, not what life owes us. Can you imagine a world without input and action. Another Great saying we might take into consideration and remember, is" Actions speak louder than words".




  1. It is really great you found something that makes you happy and feel great about doing. Not many people can say that about their lives!

    1. Absolutely Julian, how many people go to work hating what they do, praying every night for something to get them out of debt, just an extra $200.00 a month will keep most people from going broke these days and certainly making ends meet. Who would not want extra money to spend each month?

  2. Hello Linda. It is nice to meet the person behind the blog. I am hoping that you post some of your writings here as I would love to see them. Thanks!

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  5. Very nice work. I think you should do well with them.

  6. Thank you it is my passion has been for years.