While traveling in Texas we came across this little town called Marfa, Texas. 

We stopped to eat a bit at the local diner. The waitress was very friendly and we began to chat. When we were finished chatting she said, "Oh by the way be sure to stop and see the Marfa lights, go there around dusk." Not knowing what she was talking about I ask her what are they and she replied," they are ghost lights that people have seen for many years and they cannot explain why. The lights are near Us Route 67 on Mitchell flat east of town and there will be a marker that tells all about them. Over a million people have visited this place to get a glimpse of the Ghostly lights, she told us.

Well of course that peaked our curiosity. We got the directions from her and hung around town a little longer and headed out that way to see these mysterious ghostly lights.

The Coronet Magazine first published the story of the lights in July 1957 issue.

Their is a viewing platform, and the Marfa Chamber of Commerce promotes the lights with a weekend long Marfa Lights festival held in the city's downtown.

We went there to view the lights around dusk and the lights were white to a pale green. Three lights were floating across the mountains slowly back and forth. It was a sight to behold. We watched for about one and half hours to 2 hours. When I looked up in to the sky I had never seen so many stars, I believe there was not one spot open to fit another star anywhere. Most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Legend has it a Texas Ranger was the first white man ever to see the lights in the 1800.

I would recommend seeing this to anyone. It was a sight to behold.

Texas has a famous slogan,  "Everything In Texas is Big".





  1. We did have a great time. Even with the 25 steps to our room.