Thursday, April 21, 2016

Signs of Dehydration in Dogs.
Dehydration occurs when the total body water is less than normal. Usually it involves loss of both water and electrolytes, which are minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium.
Dehydration is caused by either a lack of food or water intake or an increase in water loss through illness or injury. A fever further increases the loss of water. When there is not enough body water, fluid shifts out of the body cells to compensate, leaving
the cells deficient in necessary water. This leads to dehydration.
The severity of the dehydration
is based on the magnitude of these body water shifts. Dogs lose fluid through: breathing, panting, elimination, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and evaporation through the feet and other body
surfaces. Dogs replenish fluid by drinking water or other liquids and by eating moist foods.
Beginning Signs
Visibly tired
Slowed pace/ Less animation
Excessive panting, signs of warmth
Changes in attitude (i.e. appears more apprehensive)
Eyes appear sunken and lack moisture
Dry mouth, gums, nose
Intermediate Signs
The skin loses elasticity- Pinch a little skin between your thumb and forefinger on your dog's
back. When you release it, it should pop back into place immediately. As the tissue under the
skin loses moisture, the skin moves back more slowly. In extreme cases, the skin doesn't pop back. Delayed capillary refill time- Place your index finger firmly against the gums so that they appear white. Remove your finger and see how quickly the blood returns to the gums. The time it takes for the gums of a dehydrated dog to return to their pink state will be slower than normal. Rectal temperature remains > 105° F
Final Signs
Weak in the hind end
Wobbly and unsteady on feet.

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