Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to Get Rich Scams

How to get rich? I see this so much on the web. I think it is all a scam and frankly I dislike crooks with a passion. If one could get rich by doing what these scammers say everyone would be doing. Now scammers will have a message at the end of their scam stating you might want to take advantage of this offer today it might not be here tomorrow. Give us your money because I won't be here tomorrow is how it should read.

Be aware- if they say give me your money make sure you run. That is all they want is your money. It is sad because most people are looking to make extra money online everyday and really needing the money then get caught up in the crooks hands.

There has been reported many people will give money up front for a job to be done, and guess what? Once you hand over the money they are gone vanished never heard from again. You job still needing to be done. Scammers have been known to come to one’s front door and proclaim they will do certain jobs but must be paid upfront even claiming their company requires this . They say they will be back tomorrow and never show up tomorrow.. The elderly are the most targeted.

These crooks are hard to track down because their information they give is not real and so therefore they cannot be found.

The media has reported very little about this and not often enough to make sure more people are aware of what is going on and how to avoid the crooks.

More needs to be done to get the information out there so people who are targeted will be made aware and be on the the look out and report it.

If someone comes to you front door wanting to do a job for you. Do not open the door to strangers, they could harm you. Never open the door always look through the peephole of your door and see who it is. If you do not recognize them don't open door.

There are neighborhood watches now that people can join and get information of what crime is going on and what to do to not become a victim. Those that are in the neighborhood watch will be kind enough to watch more closely the elderly in the neighborhood.

It has been said by the police department if you see any suspicious person in your area lurking about that should not be there call them the police and report it. It is better to be safe than sorry.
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