Friday, February 26, 2016

Cat In Bar

We have not had a cat in years. We have a small dog and it is quite expensive to take her to the vets for shots, clipping once every 2 months. So we settled just to keep one pet.

Now we live in a neighborhood and of course just about everyone has pets.
Dogs, Cats, you get the picture.

We had a huge back porch added to our home that is covered. I wanted to find a server to put on the porch and could not find anything I liked . Upon shopping one day I ran across this Bar and decided that is what I wanted for a server. Just perfect and more seating for eating outdoors.

This bar has shelves on one side with a couple draws and a large cabinet for putting stuff in. I filled it to a tea the whole bar and put my large long plastic container I use as a ice bucket for drinks in the cabinet and did not close the doors to it all the way.

As I said we have no cats, right? Well one morning I opened those doors on the cabinet and there was a cat in the plastic container asleep.

Now this cat was huge and fit nicely in the plastic container. A sight to behold. Of course when I tried to pat this cat it ran off over the fence and home.

This cat for several years came and slept in the plastic container. So we kind of have a cat to spend the night and go home the next morning.

I love cats and I miss having one so much. But the expense would just be too much. Cats are so loveable and easy to train. They love to be patted and stroked to the point you can hear them purring, it is quite amazing.

Cats are easy to get along with and are very sweet tempered.

If I write anymore about cats right now I might have to go and buy one. So I will stop.

Ok, since I have written this article we did go and buy a wonderful cat her name is Bell Star. Another story coming about her. 

Here is her picture.

Bell Star is the sweetest Cat.


  1. It was something having a cat in the bar. At least we didn't have to feed it. And yes Belle is now a part of the family. Even though she thinks she is the most important.

    1. It sure was and I often wonder where that cat went, now that we have Belle, that cat was gone way before we got Belle.