Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sunrises And Sunsets Are Beautiful

Are you thinking of buying a motor home or travel trailer to travel?
Traveling by motor home or travel trailer can give one pleasure and joy in knowing your adventure is just around the next corner or in the next town.

There is peace of mind knowing you have your own home with you and no one else slept in the bed you are sleeping in.
It is great feeling to wake up in your own bed, get up and walk over to own bathroom and take a shower in your own shower.
Get dressed and walk a few feet to your own kitchen, make coffee, cook breakfast.
Eat from you own dining table in the peace and quite with the person you love and you can actually plan out the days adventure. Then you pour yourself a second cup of coffee open the door and go out with coffee in hand, grab your chair and set and look at the beautiful mountains with the sun rising above them. Thinking to yourself what beautiful morning.

Of course the person setting next to you is your best friend your husband in which to enjoy with all the beauty that the morning has to offer.

You both decide next to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air and see who came into the park late last night and strike up a conversation with and a friendly hello. Introducing yourself and where you are from and where you are going. Many a friendship has been known to develop and last through out the years.

Traveling by motor home or travel trailer is fun and easy to get use to. Having your own home with you saves time and money of not having to look for a motel or bed and breakfast.

Many parks have recreation centers that have fun things to enjoy, such as dancing and bands, swimming, hiking, fishing, cards, dominos, puzzle building, games and fun things for the children. Computer hooks up stations. It is fun to mingle with other people your own age.

Most towns have plenty of shopping and looking around. Grocery shopping is easy in and easy out the local super wall-mart. There is a super wall-mart directory that can be purchased that tells where every super wall-mart is in the United States.

There are travel caravans you can join and enjoy others company. You travel together as a caravan of few and can be lasting relationships over the years to come.

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunrise and sunset in the mountains or at the ocean. The world is open 24/7 to see and enjoy from your own motor home or travel trailer. Whether weekend travel or retired and traveling it brings smiles to face and joy to hearts to travel.

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  1. I am going to miss traveling in our fifth wheel. It was so much fun. We met so many people in the parks we stayed at. But we have to sell our fifth wheel.

  2. I know your right, I m iss our motor home we had to sell. It was so much fun to travel in.