Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Apricot Lemon Cookies

Do you like to make cookies for your children? Here is a simple recipe easy enough to make for your children for an after school snack.  What child would not like these cookies. As a matter of fact what adult would not like these delicious cookies.
Cookies are a family favorite at our house. The smell of fresh baked cookies filling the house is just what will get you attention in the kitchen quicker than anything. That smell will linger for hours pleasing the hard to please child.  
It is important to the body to use as much organic ingredients as you can in this recipe. It is not hard to switch. Your body will thank you with healthy body for years to come.
I found out switching to organic saved me a lot of money to doctors office because I was sick, and off of operating table because of illness cause by the wrong foods I chose. Organic makes sense because the foods are not sprayed 40 times with cancer causing poisons. Ever wondered why the simple fruit, grapes , look bigger than last years in the  grocery stores. It is the grapes are spread at least 40 times. Now can you image what that is doing to the body with the poisons. Those same grapes have no taste. Tasteless grapes are not good. Do a test and taste for your self. Organic grape against a non- organic grape. You will taste the difference. 
Apricot-Lemon Cookies

Here is a recipe for delicious cookies.

2 packages 2 layer-size lemon cake mix (pudding type)

2 cups of snipped dried apricots

⅔ cup margarine or butter, melted

2 eggs

1- 12 ounce package (2 cups) miniature semisweet chocolate pieces

In a large mixing bowl combine cake mix margarine, eggs and ¼ cup of water;
mix well. (Dough will be stiff) stir in chocolate pieces. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake at 375 degree for 8 to 10 minutes or till golden. Cool 2 minutes on cookie sheet.
Remove; cool on wire rack.

makes 7 dozen.


  1. it's a very easy recipe for children . and verry delicious for all . i'd like to bake it when i have a free time

    1. Great! Glad you like the recipe... yes it is easy to bake, And smells the house up with delightful aroma. Thank you for stopping by and grabbing the free recipe to bake~! Enjoy!~