Friday, July 1, 2016


About 14 years ago I decided I wanted another poodle, our first poodle was white just like the
one in this picture her name was Sugar. So I started looking for someone who sold registered poodles in the local paper which I luck out
and found a women that raised poodles so I called and sure enough she had baby poodles just
born so she said I could come and look at them. I did and they were adorable. There were only
2 left that did not already have a deposit on. So I picked out the poodle I wanted and gave her
the down payment on the poodle. She begin to tell me the story of the generation of this poodle. She had come from a long blood line of show dogs and from a famous Texas Goouchy line that
were famous poodle show dogs. Well I was impressed. And she told me when I come to pick
her up to take her home she would have newspaper clipping ready for me about Texas
Goouchy. The puppies were about 1 and 1/2 weeks old so I knew it would be at least 4 weeks
old or 5 before I could pick my poodle.
I waited ever so patiently as I could, and one day I got a call from the women that I could pick up
my poodle that the mother was trying to kill the pup at 3 1/2 weeks old. So I was so excited to
hear this news, as soon as my husband got off work we went to pick up my poodle and paid for
her, and sure enough she gave me a copy of the poodles bloodline with a newspaper clipping of
the picture of famous Texas poodle.
I named my little fluff ball Cocoa. She was so playful and loved being played with. She was so
tiny and cute. We took her just about everywhere we went. Our friends invited us to go on a trip to Mississippi and we took her along in the car with us she
slept laying across the back of my neck almost all the way there. We had such fun with her.
I think of this today and our many travel 's with her in our motor home and hotels we stay in and
how great she did. I believe traveling with a small dog as we did worked out just fine and she
seem to adapt to the traveling very well.
If we left her which was not to often we would always leave her with her vet that boarded pets.
Now Cocoa is old and blind and we know we probably won't have her with us but just a few
more years. I will not be looking forwarded to that day. As we think of her as our baby and how
much she means to us. We do have very fond memories that we will cherish forever.
A few years ago she died in her sleep. We will all ways miss her and forever in our hearts.

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