Monday, February 29, 2016

How did I entertain a teen granddaughter and her friend within five hour framework.

How did I entertain a teen grand-daughter and her friend within five hour framework?

As we all know as grandparents it seems hard to know how to entertain a teen granddaughter and her friend when they come to visit during the summer. In today’s world of electronics it can be a bit mind boggling as to know which electronics the teens like to use. I found out the Wii is the most popular still and that can work in a second of something fun for teens to do while you get ready for the next adventure of taking them out to explore the city you live in.

Choosing an eatery for lunch can be another fun adventure. In most neighborhoods are the fast food eateries. Sonic happens to be my choice because it is in the theme I have used for today’s theme in keeping with going back in time. This eatery drive- in is like the old drive-in’s with the carhops, the girls were called, which makes it fun. I choose the theme going back in time when I was a teen to give them a picture of where when and how we lived and had fun.

In keeping with the five hour framework theme taking the girls to where I use to go high school. This was interesting to them because of the fact part of the school was built underground because of the flight pattern of the military planes was right over the school and some of those B 52 planes are so big and loud that it was disturbing classes and the teachers. The flight of the planes was so low it shook my neighbor’s china dishes and broke some I told the girls.

On our way from the school still in our neighborhood we drove down to my favorite spot of the lake, pointing out where my sister and I use to walk around the lake, in those days teens could not drive until they turned 16. I was 14 at this time I explained. This seemed to be a hit with the girls, they enjoyed the big overlook where they could sit on the huge rock formation, legs and feet dangling off the edge of the cliff, and looking at the island of trees in the distance called moss point, the glare of the sun across the lake on a clear day with blue skies makes for the most beautiful picture setting, also there is a rock steps winding down to the water to get a closer look which they enjoyed. They loved their picture we took of them walking back up the winding rock steps back to the top. Once at the top again there is a huge covered patio with huge fireplace, I explained our church teen group came there for outings and cooked in this big cast iron pot Hobo Stew, each teen brought a can of their favorite vegetables to add to the stew already cooking for a delicious warm cup of Hobo stew on a cool October day.

On our way back from the lake in the neighborhood they enjoyed seeing where I lived as a teen, and stopped in for refreshment at the neighborhood hamburger joint and grocery and gas.

Being a teen girl today does not exclude having fun where the teen boys hang out that is if it is clean and safe and happens to have been in our city for 50 years is the go- cart track. It is a cheap fun thrill for teen girls or boys and only five dollars. They had so much fun and the go carts go pretty fast around the tract. The girls could not stop talking about it. If you really want to surprise a grandson of eleven years old, tell him you are taking him somewhere he will really like and you cannot give him any more information, because it is a surprise, then watch his eyes get so big with a big smile on his face when you pull up in the parking lot.. He will not be able to get out the car fast enough and what fun he will have when his grandparents let him ride two times instead of just once.

Where can you take the girls that is safe and where you can turn them loose, and they can walk around for about an hour looking and touching every item and having so much fun, of course the local antique mall, of course the girls are still looking and looking and looking while the grandparents find a place to sit a bit and rest. By the time the hour is up you see no sign of the girls coming down the aisle so what do you do, well you can either walk the entire attic mall or you have the checker call them on the loudspeaker to the front is the better idea. The girls had such an enjoyable five hours they could not stop talking about it. This proved to this grandma there is life with teens and fun.

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