Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crocheting is Fun and Profitable

Crocheting is so much fun and has been known to be a very profitable business. All ages love this hobby including myself.  I started crocheting in my 20's and have kept it up through out the years. It is a hobby I love to do and am Passionate about. I am passionate about it even today 40 years later. 

I have check out all the social sights such as Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, E- bay, And it is an on going business for lots of people. Of course you item would have to interest someone enough for them to buy it.

You can see why crochet is easy to learn, can be done most anywhere for instance, while watching TV,  traveling, at doctors and dentist offices, at hospital to name a few, most anywhere. Small bag with needle and thread and scissors and pattern, I am ready to pick up just where I left off my last stitch.

I get approached many times from people that make a nice comment about my item I am crocheting. For instance, this baby blanket I was working on at the hospital you see here in the picture. This women who worked at the hospital made a nice comment saying what a beautiful blanket and wondering if she could learn to crochet. I always tell them sure you can, if you want to get good instructions go to you tube and you will find just want your looking for someone is always teaches it on video. Now how great is that free instructions on how to learn to crochet. Also a lot of churches have crochet groups that will teach to crochet free.

To me it is never to late to learn to do something new and interesting and can be potentially profitable.

I have bought others crocheted items from places such as flea markets, word of mouth, and online. It is always out there and for sell.

Men, Women, Teens, and Children art taking up the art of crocheting and doing quite well with it even in selling their items. Making or having a web sight or blog, or you tube made for selling crochet items works really well. Of course you can hire it done fairly inexpensive depending on who you ask.

Learning  as many different  stitches will come in handy when you get ready to create a crocheted piece or by the pattern. Patterns are normally free online by google in free crocheted patterns, just make sure there is not a clause claiming ownership not to be used for resale on the pattern.

Many years of enjoyment can come about with learning how to crochet and can end up with sells.


  1. Well sis many moons ago you taught me my first crochet stitches and I have loved crocheting ever since. Your crochet baby blanket here is very colorful and beautiful.

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  3. Yes sis and it was fun teaching you....your crochet hand work is beautiful Sis. Crocheting is a hobby that anyone can take up and love doing. It is calming. There are men that crochet... sportsmen, from all walks of live many people enjoy crocheting. It is fun to create a crochet piece and see your work completed.