Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Catch the Health Wave

We must teach people that it doesn't matter what their particular health issue is...we are all suffering from deficiencies...and we cannot be healthy if we don't address the deficiencies. AquaLyte and Ionyte are not remedies for any disease...but a necessity for proper health.
AquaLyte is a sachet containing specially processed coral granules that are gathered from the ocean floor in Okinawa (home of the oldest living people in the world) without harm to the reef. (This is all regulated by the Japanese government and Eco-friendly). AquaLyte coral granules change the water, making it more alkaline, antioxidant, and structured, through the introduction of ionic minerals which dissolve into the water. Everything that has life on our planet can only live it if has water, and in order for it to be healthy, there must be minerals in the water. This is a physical law! Our bodies not only need water, but they need the "right kind" of water. If you want to improve your health, you need to start with the very foundation of your health and that is getting the right kind of water. AquaLyte is that water and can impact your health quickly and effectively.
Ionyte is a powerful "electrolyte" of 70 ionic minerals and organic plant complexes. Organic plant complexes contain the basic "building blocks" that plants use to create the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. These complexes would have been in our fruits and vegetables had they been grown in mineral rich soil. Since most of our food is grown in mineral deficient soils, our food is deficient in these complexes as well. These "building blocks" are also used by our cells for their various processes which help support all body systems. Adding Ionyte to your drinking water helps to make up for the deficiencies in our food. It is also treated with a proprietary "energizing" process to further enhance its benefits. Some have referred to it as "liquid acupuncture". It can help boost your energy levels without the side effects of caffeinated drinks. Ionyte is designed to work best in water, but can be added to any liquid.

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Drink Healthy!


Catch the Wave!

Something to Ponder and think about:


FACT & TRUTH : but it is true that fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today. The main culprit in this disturbing nutritional trend is soil depletion: Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant carrot is truly less good for you than the one before.

Our bodies are screaming for the right minerals to keep us healthy.


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